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Wed, Dec 1, 2021 1:35 AM


Game ON! New Trend Micro Expert Badge

Game ON! New Trend Micro Expert Badge




Ho ho ho! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

We're so excited to give you the new Trend Micro Expert Badge!






To get this badge, you just need to complete at least eleven of these badges.


·      TM Community 2021 Badge


·      TM Community Influencer I  Badge

·      TM Community Influencer II  Badge

·      TM Community Influencer III  Badge

·      TM Community Influencer IV  Badge

·      TM Community Influencer V  Badge


·       TM Community Top Fan I   Badge

·       TM Community Top Fan II  Badge

·       TM Community Top Fan III Badge

·       TM Community Top Fan IV Badge

·       TM Community Top Fan V  Badge


·       TM Community Rising Star Badge

·       TM Community Rising Star II Badge


·       TM Community Convo Starter Badge

·       TM Community Convo Starter II Badge


·       TM Community Helping Hand Badge

·       TM Community Helping Hand II Badge


·       TM Community Security Badge

·      TM Community Security II Badge



How do I collect them?

 Click the links above for instructions on how to get each of them.



Got all of them?

Expect a wonderful prize from us at the end of the year!



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Thank you, Fermin! Let's share our ideas herein Trend Micro Community. 

Have a good one! 


- TM_Rochelle

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