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Mon, Feb 1, 2021 2:58 PM

Game ON! New Trend Micro Community Influencer Badge

Game ON! New Trend Micro Community Influencer Badge

We kick-off this year with a BANG! Bringing us excitement to earn the awesome Trend Micro 2021 Badge. Let's keep the ball rolling this February. Introducing the new Trend Micro Influencer Badges.


These badges will be awarded to Trend Micro Community Members receiving the most number of likes from their Posts and Comments combined.


It's the influencer's duty to raise awareness by posting ideas,  techniques, and solutions. Earn likes while helping your TM Community. You have the power to connect with the entire community thru your posts and comments. 


Here are the likes required to earn the badges:


TM Community Influencer I = 5 likes

TM Community Influencer II = 15 likes

TM Community Influencer III = 25likes

TM Community Influencer IV = 35 likes

TM Community Influencer V = 50 likes


Keep on sharing your ideas and earn likes to complete these five amazing TM Community Influencer Badges.


Stay tuned every month because we will be giving you more amazing badges that you can collect.





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6 m ago

Now these badges are a nice initiative.