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Friday, January 12th, 2018 6:59 AM


Password Manager End of Support

I have received an email which appears to come from Trend Micro America, advising me that my current version Password Manager will reach its end of support in Dec 2018. It has a link in the email to advising me to upgrade to Version 3.8.
I was want to confirm this is a legitimate email before clicking on the link.

Phil King



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6 years ago

Hi Phil ,

Always use latest version softwares and update softwares . Special Security softwares .

Trend Micro Directpass

Regards ,


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6 years ago

Hello sixkings ! Welcome to the community!

That should be a legitimate notification. We have released the Password Manager version 3.8 since last year and it is advisable that you do the upgrade of the application on your computers for better stability.

I hope this helps.

Trend Micro Home Users Community 
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6 years ago

Hi sixkings,

To add on to TM_Kiko's answer, this is 100% legitimate. You are correct sixkings, we've already sent out the emails advising customers to discontinue using the 1.9 version and move on to the 3.8 version.

If any errors happen during the upgrade, such as the passwords not being transferred over, please let us know!

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