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Tuesday, October 10th, 2023 7:37 PM


turn off pop ups

"webpage blocked"

ok. thank you. i dont need 18034892 notifs a day saying webpages have been blocked. thanks for doing your job. i dont need to be reminded of that like every 5 seconds. to make things worse, the pop up is so intrusive? i have to keep double, triple clicking just to get the recurring notifications off my screen - why? couldn't say. and seems to me that trend doesn't know either since theres no turn off pop up button. its a simple turn off turn on function. i dont get what is so hard to implement. its making my work on the laptop not very enjoyable. change it.

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6 months ago

Hi @mgloriaaa03  , does this pop-up appear when you launch Google Chrome for the first time, or does it occur even when Chrome is not running?

This situation may arise because Trend Micro Internet Security could be preventing website redirections, leading to the recurring pop-up when you use the Chrome browser.

For a solution, refer to this knowledge-based article(How to fix website redirection issues on Windows) that offers step-by-step guidance on resolving website redirection on windows.

You can also refer and click on this LINK to review a previously resolved community thread, which may be relevant to the issue you are currently encountering.

Hope this helps!



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