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Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018 2:59 PM


When updating a password on a web page,

Whenever I update a password on a web page, Trend Micro asks me if I want to update my password for "https:/pwm-image/trendmicro.com" How do I stop this pop-up from coming up each time?



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6 years ago

-I'm not a Trend Micro representative, but I like to give you some suggestion-

this probably is happening cause the account username and password for the wepage you are visiting is not stored in Password Manager or does not match with the saved one (may be you modify the password on that account and did not update the one is stored in Password Manager).

So it seems to be a normal pop-up. 

A representative will be more specific, I'm not so used to Password Manager... ^^



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6 years ago

Thank you for your help, Max! :)

Welcome to the Home Users Community, dinatowbin!

Max is correct, this is happening because the password on your saved passcards (composed of the site, username, and password) and your updated password on a certain site does not match.

One way to stop that is to disable/remove the Trend Micro Password Manager extension on the browser that you are using (you can do this if you no longer wish to use the Trend Micro Password Manager program). Here's how to get into your browser's extensions:

For Google Chrome....
  • Go to Customize and Control Google Chrome
  • Click More Tools > Extensions

For Firefox...
  • Click Open Menu and choose Add-Ons

For Internet Explorer...
  • Click Tools at the upper right and choose Manage Add-ons

Another way is to delete the passcard that's associated on the password you have updated on the Password Manager management console

Hope this helps and let us know if you need further assistance.

Thank you! :)

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