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Monday, February 5th, 2018 7:55 AM


Passwords can be seen and edited by every user on a subscription!!!

Good grief! What a ridiculous system. Trend supposedly offer the highest internet security, but then give any of the 5 users on a subscription complete access to all 5 person's passwords via Password Manager. Every site will tell you to guard and protect your password, especially banks. Surely there should be 5 Password Managers if there are 5 users on a subscription!!!!!

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6 years ago

Hi info

Welcome to TM Home users Community, a public site where volunteers try to help each-other , also there are TM Employees that can give answers, that is only at working hours.
5 users?
I think 5 devices not users, so every machine you can use your Password manager and they are all there on your devices.
If you need more password managers with diverend users you have to bye more Password Managers!
Hope this explains.

Kind regards,

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6 years ago

Hi info and welcome to the Community!

In regards to your concern, it is true that only one Password Manager account can be accessed on 5 devices registered to the same Trend Micro Account. If it happened that you are sharing your serial number with other users, they will be able to access your Password Manager only if they know your master password. However, if you have let them enable the Password Manager extension which requires signing in your Trend Micro account, they have the capability to change the master password which will wipe all the passwords stored for security purposes. 

With that, I highly recommend that only you should be using the serial number under your Trend Micro Account. But if you're sharing it to people whom you trust, you may just let them know that the Password Manager can only be accessed by the owner of the account. 

Thank you! 

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