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Friday, March 16th, 2018 4:28 PM


password manager

My Password Manager stopped working about 2 weeks ago.  I use it every day as I have many passwords to remember, like most people.  Very frustrating.  I have an HP ENVY 64 bit PC and use Chrome extensively.  I have been using Password Manager for years and this is the 1st issue I have had.  I spent an hour on the phone today with Trend Micro.  I use Premium Security Plus.  The guy seemed to fix the issue but could not really explain why this happened other than to say it might have been caused by a Chrome update.  Guess what, companies update all the time.  Shouldn't Trend Micro be prepared for this so a program like Password Manager is not interrupted.  I asked him to pass this frustration along to those who make decisions at Trend Micro as I know a lot of others have blogged about this same issue.  He didn't seem too concerned about my suggestion.  I am a long time Trend Micro subscriber.  This type of problem seems to creep up every year and for the life of me, I don't get that.  This may be my last year.

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6 years ago

Hi dpohlit and welcome to the Community!

I understand your frustration with the inconvenience you encountered with the program and we do apologize for that. 

It is true that the issue might have happened due to the changes brought by the update in the platform, which in your case is the Chrome browser. This is also why Trend Micro releases its update if there's an issue common to many users. However, if the issue with the update is not brought by the update itself but is due to the installation of the update into the system, manual troubleshooting is done. Example of an issue that cannot be fixed by regular update release of Password Manager is if the browser's update has been interrupted and has caused some sort of corruption. As there is corrupted data from the browser's update, it is possible that its environment is not allowing the Password Manager to work properly. 

I hope I was able to provide a much clearer idea of instances how update may cause software issue.

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