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Wednesday, February 7th, 2018 6:04 PM


Password Manager Won't Accept Renewal Code

I got password manager as part of a subscription purchased just over a year ago. More recently, I purchased an upgraded subscription, and I assumed it would include/refresh my password manager subscription. However, when I recently tried to open Password Manager, it told me I needed to renew my subscription. There was an option for entering an activation code, which I chose. I entered my code, but it didn't work. I was simply given an error that said: This Activation Code has already been used. Please contact Trend Micro for help. I tried with support, but they were less than helpful and couldn't resolve the issue at all. I store all of my passwords there, so this is a major problem for me.

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6 years ago

Hi jjprein and welcome to the Community!

As I have checked your account, your subscription before the current one is from Best Buy. Did you use the Password Manager bundled to your Best Buy subscription before? This might be the reason why you cannot access all the passwords you have stored. There is a workaround that is needed to be done. It would be best if you will contact us again. You may refer to the link below.

Ways to Contact Support

We'll wait for your response. Thank you!

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