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Monday, November 28th, 2016 10:06 PM


I cannot get my Password manager to open to see my passwords on my windows computer

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7 years ago

Hi @mt.53, sorry that you're having problems with Password Manager.

We definitely want to help you to solve this issue, so we would like to understand your situation a bit more. Just to confirm:
  1. Please provide detailed descriptions or screenshots of the issue. (e.g. error message you're seeing, Password Manager Icon with Exclamation! mark, etc.)
  2. Which browser occurs this problem? (e.g. Internet Explorer11, Google Chrome 51.0.2704.103 m, etc.)
  3. What devices (OS) are you using? (e.g. Windows7, Window10, Mac OS, Android, etc.)
  4. Can you use Password Manager on other devices? (e.g. Mac OS, Android, iPhone etc.)
  5. The version of your Password Manager.
  6. What solutions have you tried?
Once we understand more background, we'll be able to better assist you and recommend solutions. Thank you!

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