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Monday, November 28th, 2016 8:51 PM


cannot sign into uTube

I have installed Password Manager and now I cannot sign in to my youTube account
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7 years ago

Hi @charles.whitelockm, thanks for letting us know this issue. 

For your issue, Password Manager should not interfere with YouTube at all. To isolate and make sure this is the case, please run through the following steps:
  1. Try to sign in your YouTube account on another browser on your PC, and check if the same symptom occurs.

  2. Uninstall Password Manager - To uninstall Password Manager from your computer. If you have any passwords stored in Password Manager, they're saved in our secured storage and will not be lost:
    Uninstalling Trend Micro Password Manager on Windows

    Check if you're able to sign in your YouTube account now.

  3. To install Password Manager again, here're the steps:
    Downloading and installing Password Manager on Windows and Mac
If the problem persists after you tried above solution, please share your basic OS, browser, info, and a description or picture of your issue. We'll follow up soon after we receive more info. Thanks.

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