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Monday, December 11th, 2017 1:08 PM


Scam: what to do and what NOT to do

-I'm not a Trend Micro representative, but I like to give you some suggestions-

1- Be aware if a 'technician' contact you because your PC is infected. This people tell you that you need help and try to connect remotly to your device using several kind of remote software:
- TeamViewer
- Supremo
- web based remote desktop service

Doe not allow anyone to connect to your computer, unless this is a Trend Micro representative, that you contacted via assistance portal. 

NEVER use a remote desktop software to allows anyone to connect, unless you are pretty sure that he/she is a real technical representative. In any case, a real techcnical representative will use a proprietary software to connect, does not ask you to install Teamviewer, Supremo or any other kind of this stuff...

2- Remember that Bank, Financial offices and any other kind of institute will NEVER ask you to fill, confirm, send and/or specify any kind of personal data via email. 
Never do that.
Contact directly via phone your Bank to confirm the procedure, and do that personally at the desk, if applicable. 

3- If your device shows you a message like, or similar to: 'your pc is infected! Contact us to repair it at 123-456-7890' use properly softwares to scan your PC.
This is 100% a fraud attempt! 

Be aware on your Trend Micro messages: if after a complete scan it shows no issues, then your device is reasonably clean. 

4- Scam usually is an attempt to fraud you via a pop-up message (or a fake web page) that indicates your PC is infected. This page/pop-up reports a number to call to access 'assistance'. Never use this number.

Report a scam attempt filling data at following link:

5- In any case of doubt if a request is legitim or not, contact your local assistance representative prior to allos anyone to remotly interacte with your PC. 

So, what to do when your are prompted with a strange pop-up, web page? 
Nothing, absolutely nothing.
Plan a complete scan with your Trend solution and check what it report when finished. 

As usual, sorry for my typos and for my... italianenglish! :)

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6 years ago

Hello Max Slo

Thank you so much for this wonderful help! We really appreciate the effort that you have exerted to share this idea.

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