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Saturday, February 18th, 2023 12:08 AM



Wrongly configured TM task in Task Manager

Upon TM installation, a task is being created in Task Manager : "AirSupport Update"

The task is wrongly configured (or at lest not optimized) see attached.

  1. On "Triggers"  we have Begin the task 'At Log on" but "Delay task for 1 hour" ; so if you use the PC for less than 1 hour the task will not run
  2. On "Settings" we have "If the task fails restart every:" disabled ; another attempt to run it should start if failed initially
  3. On "Conditions"  "Start only is the following network connection is available"  disabled, even though the update cannot run without a network connection.

Please do not send this to "developers" , let's discuss it here.


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1 year ago

Hi @claudiubotezatu,


Thanks for your input and effort in monitoring how the "Air Support Update" behaves upon the Trend Micro Installation.


Air Support is a feature where you can directly contact our support through a chat box. The configurations that you see for the Air Support Updates has its own policy/configurations that it needs to follow before it triggers the update.


1. Begin the task 'At Log on' but 'Delay task for 1 hour': This trigger setting means that the task will start automatically when a user logs on to the system, but it will be delayed by 1 hour. If the user logs off the system within an hour, the task will not run until the user logs in again. This setting is useful when you want to run a task after a user has logged on and performed some initial tasks.


2. If the task fails restart every: This setting allows you to specify how often the task should be retried if it fails to complete successfully. If the setting is disabled, the task will not be restarted automatically if it fails. If you enable this setting and specify a value (e.g., every 5 minutes), the task will be automatically restarted every 5 minutes until it completes successfully.


3. Start only if the following network connection is available: This setting allows you to specify a network connection that the task requires to run successfully. If the network connection is not available, the task will not run. If this setting is disabled, the task will run regardless of the network connection status. However, if the task requires a network connection and the connection is not available, it will fail to complete.


Overall, these settings are designed to provide more control and flexibility over how tasks and scheduled jobs are executed on a system. By understanding how these settings work, you can ensure that your tasks are running as expected and are optimized for your specific needs.

if there's any more clarification you need on this concern, please let us know, thanks!




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Thank you for your answer, but I do not need more clarifications....

It seems like you did not understand much from my post.

For example on

3. "Conditions" the original TM task  in Task Manager has "Start only is the following network connection is available"  disabled 

This should be enabled , because the task cannot be executed without an internet connection.

1. if you delay the task execution for 1 hour after login and the user constantly stays log in for less than 1 hour (my situation for example) the task will never be executed.

Delay should be set to maximum 5 min.

And the rest of them ........

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