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Thursday, March 2nd, 2023 1:44 PM


What is spoofing in CyberSecurity?

What is spoofing in CyberSecurity?



Nowadays, almost all of the tasks and activities that we traditionally do offline can now be done online: banking, making friends, and even shopping. We are fully submerged in living life digitally. We are becoming more and more addicted to the convenience of getting things done with several clicks.


These may pose multiple risks to our safety, security, and privacy. Spoofing attacks are common and widespread in our digital environment.



How spoofing works


Email spoofing is a trick used in spam and phishing to make people think an email or a message is from someone they know or trust, but it's actually fake. They want to gain access to the victim's sensitive information, steal data, or spread malicious software.





What happens when you respond to a spoofing attempt


If you respond to a spoofing attempt, the outcome can depend on what information you give away. Usually, attackers use the information to commit different types of fraud, including stealing money, identity theft, spreading malicious apps, or obtaining more sensitive data. So, it's important to not reply, change your online account passwords and inform your bank and the right authorities immediately. 


Report the scam to prevent more victims.



Avoid becoming a victim of spoofing scams - read more.




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