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What is Spamming?

What is Spamming?


Are spam emails dangerous?



Ever wonder how spammers get your phone number and email addresses? Or what spam really is? It doesn't matter where it came from it could be from an email, text, or call from unknown or known authors. Spams are an unsolicited digital form of communication that we receive from legitimate and not legitimate sources.


Spamming is very common, especially via email. It's a form of broadcasting unwanted messages in bulk, abusing different digital messaging systems and other delivery systems to spam potential victims and lure them into a phishing or fake website.


We've crossed paths with spam often, here are sample spam from our Trend Micro Check Team.



Spam Examples


What is Spam_Netflix text message spam_20221017

Netflix text message spam. Source


What is Spam_USPS text message spam_20221017

USPS text message spam. Source


What is Spam_Walmart email spam_20221017

Walmart email spam. Source


What are the dangers of spam? Read more and learn to protect yourself.




How to Block Spam Calls and Texts


Trend Micro Check blocks spam texts and phone calls so you’re never bothered by the spammers again. The app — which is 100% free — can stop spam text messages sent to your phone number, as well as any messages sent to your messaging apps. Whether you use WhatsApp, Telegram, Tinder, or anything else, you’ll never see another annoying message again.

Trend Micro Check can help you avoid spam calls, too. You’ll receive an alert any time a telemarketer, robocaller, scammer, or spammer dials your number, so you know not to pick up.

Download Trend Micro Check today and defeat the spammers and scammers once and for all!



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