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Monday, January 23rd, 2023 5:47 AM



Unable to install antivirus+ on Microsoft Windows 11 computer

I recently renewed my antivirus subscription, only to discover that the antivirus software would not launch on my laptop (never had a problem before).  So, I uninstalled and attempted to reinstall the software.  I downloaded the installation software, opened it, gave permission for the program to run, and then waited while the program said it was decompressing the files for installation.  After decompression ended, nothing else happened.  No new window, just a blank screen, no program running.  So I found "trend micro installer" in the program data folder and attempted to run setup.exe.  After giving permission for the program to run, it fails to launch.  I have tried all the work arounds I could find in these forums for installation issues.  Please help.

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1 year ago

Hi @jmariewoods ,

Welcome to Trend Micro Home Users Community.

This issue may happen when the installer file is corrupted. Try out these steps to install the program successfully:

1. Open Task Manager. Check if there's setup.exe running.

2. If you find it, end the task.

3. Restart the computer, then run the later version of the installer.

If there's no setup.exe, run the Trend Micro Uninstall Tool to completely remove remnants of corrupted installer components, then proceed with the installation again.

Refer to this link:  https://helpcenter.trendmicro.com/en-us/article/tmka-20920

If it still fails, manually delete or rename these on your computer:

- C:\ProgramData\Trend Micro Installer\TrendMicro_#\UCPlugin\c17t1725v0.0.0l1p1r1o1\d3dcompiler_47.dl
- C:\ProgramData\Trend Micro Installer\TrendMicro_#\UCPlugin\c17t1725v0.0.0l1p1r1o1\libEGL.dll
- C:\ProgramData\Trend Micro Installer\TrendMicro_#\UCPlugin\c17t1725v0.0.0l1p1r1o1\libGLESv2.dll

After deleting/renaming, run the setup.exe directly from the Programdata of the Trend Micro Installer.  

Hope these help.

- TM_Rica


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