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Monday, January 16th, 2023 6:30 PM



Unable to access AOL mail

I have been a user of AOL since 1995, but for the last several days have been unable to access my mail. I have tried three web browsers (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome & Firefox) supported by Windows11, all with no success. Only the Amazon Silk browser has been successful in accessing AOL mail. I am able to log onto AOL using my account name and my password, but when I select the mail option AOL indicates (in the lower left corner of my screen) that it is waiting for a response from “web-oao.ssp.yahoo.com or gw.geoedge.be...” or some other obscure site. After spending a day texting with AOl on their Facebook site and sending numerous screenshots of the obscure messages, AOL finally said they were unable to replicate my experience. Is it possible that Trend Micro is causing this?

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1 year ago

Hi @spicorp,

Thank you for sharing this on our community.

Did you encounter any error message on your AOL Mail? Can you also provide us the link that you use to visit your AOL Mail?

To isolate if Trend Micro is causing this, we can disable the Trend Micro program and check if the issue would still occur.

Here's how to temporarily disable Trend Micro on Windowstry to access you AOL mail afterwards.

If you are still unable to open or access your AOL mail, you may refer to this link on how to fix your problems on accessing or signing in your AOL mail from AOL help page itself.

We will also investigate this issue, we will replicate it on our end.

I will keep you posted!

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