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Sunday, January 14th, 2024 5:20 PM


Trend Micro weekly scans

Trend Micro weekly scan running but progress not showing.   I walked away for a brief period and TM showed disabled until restart.  It does seem to be a glitch in the recent auto updates.   Any suggestions?

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3 months ago

Hi @cldleary460 
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Can you provide us a screenshot of the main console stating "Protection Disabled" and the action required to fix it? (ex. Restart now, Update now, Contact Support)
Also since you mentioned about recent auto-updates, may I know the current version of your Trend Micro antivirus?
You can check the version by right clicking through the trend micro icon in the system tray > check for software updates.
If the scan is running yet the progress is not being shown, then it's most-likely because of a component that is not working properly. This explains the Protection Disabled status.

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