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Sat, Feb 6, 2021 8:59 PM

Trend Micro UI Bug


This post is to report Trend Micro UI opening bug. Sometimes when trying to bring the main console, there is just the Trend Miro icon on the taskbar stuck on UPK://Tittanium, but nothing appears. If I close the icon via hovering over it and pressing "X", the tray icon becomes unresponsive (not even the right click menu appears).

Checking in task manager, there are 2 processes named Trend Micro Main Console, one of them consuming 2 MB of RAM (I am able to kill this one) and the other one consuming 15 MB of RAM (this one can't be killed).

If I don't close anything, but just leave the icon in taskbar there are the following processes:

After a minute or so, the issue seems to disappear and the product can be opened again.

It happens quite frequently.