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Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022 5:51 PM


Trend Micro Popups

Please give us more options to disable popups. I hate trend micro popups. My antivirus is always the only program I have that gives me notifications popups. I stopped Norton because of those annoying notifications, then bit defender, then Mcafee, and now trend. And what do you know? Trend is giving me notifications as well. I just can't find a decent antivirus. Antivirus should do its job in the background, not in my face.

1) Option to update and scan in background, without notification.

2) Option to "Disable all notifications" --> Then optional Exceptions: When Virus Found, When Suspicious behavior detected, when restart required, etc.

3) Option regarding notifications> Suggest features (default off, but an option). Remind renewal (Default off, but an option), Scan results (Default 2 second on, then auto hide, with an option to to turn off completely). Make an option for ever single notification you guys would send. "Notify when mute mode has been on too long" (option to turn off). Have notifications be something that be can enabled or disabled.

4) This and every antivirus should be able to function completely hidden and out of sight of the user. It's a background app. Stop bringing it into the foreground.

5) Mute mode fails at its job, for it can't be enabled permanently, and after it is on too long, I get another notification, which is what it is supposed to block. STOP THE NOTIFICATIONS IN YOUR FACE SPAM, it's like Trend is yelling at me in caps, and I want it to be invisible and silent.

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1 year ago

Hi @kryzto4life,

Welcome to Trend Micro Home Users Community!

Thanks for sharing your ideas with Trend Micro pop-ups. We'll forward this to our Developers.

As for the Mute Mode, it is designed to stop less important pop-ups from interrupting you while working or playing games on Windows PC. 

You may read more about Mute Mode here:
Stop Non-Critical Pop Ups with Trend Micro Mute Mode

- TM_Kath


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