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Thursday, February 25th, 2016 10:00 PM


Trend Micro Home Users Community Guidelines

We want this community to be as useful and helpful as possible for everyone participating, so we have gathered some guidelines for you as you discuss questions or problems.

1. Ask Questions
One of the main purpose of the community is to answer questions. Please ask your question and a support agent from Trend Micro or another customer will help to answer it.

2. Product Feedback
If you encounter issues with a Trend Micro product, please report it, and a Trend Micro support engineer will be able to help you soon. If the problem is related to sensitive information, please post your problem as private, and only you and Trend Micro engineer will be able to see the discussion thread.

3. Add Value
As much as our community is a place for you to get help, it is also a place for you to help others. Please feel free to participate in all topics. If you contribute significantly to the community, you not only will earn participation points and badges, but also will earn the “Champion” status and be eligible for future product beta programs and other promotions.

4. Respect Others
Be nice and courteous. Posts that include personal attacks or inappropriate language will be removed, and users with such behavior will be banned.

5. Don’t Spam
Posts with content that does not relate to our community will be removed.

Thank you for considering these rules. We hope you enjoy using the community!

Social Customer Service Team
Trend Micro, Inc.

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