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Trend Micro Causing 100% CPU Usage on Intel Evo Laptop

Greetings to the forum members,

I'm encountering an issue with Trend Micro on my Intel Evo laptop [https://www.lenovo.com/ca/en/faqs/intel-evo/] that is causing my CPU usage to spike to 100%. I'm reaching out to seek assistance and advice from the community on how to resolve this matter.

Recently, I installed Trend Micro antivirus software on my Intel Evo laptop to ensure the security of my system. However, I've noticed that whenever Trend Micro is running, my CPU usage shoots up to 100%, even during idle or light usage scenarios. This sudden surge in CPU utilization is negatively impacting the performance and overall experience of my Intel Evo laptop.

I've ensured that my Intel Evo laptop meets all the necessary system requirements for running Trend Micro, and I've kept the software up to date with the latest version and virus definition updates. Despite these efforts, the persistent 100% CPU usage issue remains unresolved.

I've tried various troubleshooting steps such as disabling unnecessary background processes, adjusting power settings, and even reinstalling Trend Micro, but none of these measures have proven successful in resolving the high CPU usage problem.

Therefore, I'm seeking guidance from the knowledgeable members of this forum who may have encountered a similar issue with Trend Micro or have expertise in troubleshooting CPU-related problems on Intel Evo laptops. Any insights, suggestions, or potential solutions to address this 100% CPU usage issue caused by Trend Micro would be greatly appreciated.

Additionally, if there are alternative antivirus software recommendations that are known to be compatible with Intel Evo laptops and do not cause excessive CPU usage, I would be grateful for your suggestions.

Thank you for your time and support. I look forward to receiving assistance from the community and resolving this high CPU usage problem associated with Trend Micro on my Intel Evo laptop.

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1 year ago

Hi @judywatsonn,

We have an existing thread for this issue. You may refer to the link below:
‎High Memory Usage from coreServiceShell.exe in Trend Security for Windows | Trend Micro Home Users Community

Make sure that your Trend Micro is Up-to-date with the latest version 17.7.1903
How to update Trend Micro Security and Antivirus on Windows | Trend Micro Help Center

Hope this helps!

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