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Wed, Sep 30, 2020 12:45 AM

Trend Max Security high CPU usage

Using Trend Micro Maximum Security, and for the past 3 days the coreServiceShell.exe CPU usage has been 30-40%.

Start up something like word or excel, and Trend insta-spikes to 60-70%, then drops back to 40%.

The next highest is Firefox at 1-6%.

I use engineering software every day, and it hovers around 1-10%.

Everything else at idle is 0-1%.

I've read all the BS on here about uninstalling, cleaning, etc. If I uninstall, it will be permanent. I'm not spending a day cleaning up Trend's mess only for it to happen again.

About conflicting software. Well, newsflash, no other software is running as high as Trend, so how can it be considered "conflicting".

Even memory usage, Firefox is in it's usually gobble-mode, then Trend at 400-500Mb.

Next is Skype at ~200Mb

I don't use OneDrive.

This isn't the first time this has happened, and in the past I've lived with it as usually after 24hrs some random Trend update sorts itself out.

I've got version 16.0.1409

I don't use Trend's password manager, or any other 'optional' plugins.

But now it's actually starting to annoy to the point where I've been disabling Trend.

I've used Trend for years, as always found it to be the least intrusive. But the past couple of versions have become more bloated and more in-your-face. Like all bad programmers, as hardware becomes faster, programmers become lazy and ignore efficiencies. Norton, Avast, Macafee, are all on my sh!tlist and Trend is fast making its way there.