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Monday, January 29th, 2024 1:31 AM

Trend is killing my computer .. So Slow

take 6 X longer to open pdf files while trend is running, also right clicking any files take a long time to get menu up

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3 months ago

Hi @nardo, 

Welcome to the Trend Micro Users Community!

Can you share the current version of Trend Micro installed on your device? If there are issues with a specific application when Trend Micro is enabled, kindly mention its name. Also, have you noticed elevated CPU usage for the affected application or browsers while Trend Micro was active?

You can also restart the Trend Micro components by completing these steps:
1. Open the Trend Micro Diagnostic Toolkit.
2. Navigate to the (C) Uninstall Tab and select (5) Stop All Components.
3. On the same tab, click (2) Delete Now to remove security update files, and (3) Delete Now to delete Trend Micro Proxy files.
4. Click (4) Start Components and monitor the issue for around 10–15 minutes.

5. Then verify it you will have the same concern. 


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