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Friday, May 27th, 2022 2:14 AM


Top Scams and Phishing Schemes of the Week: Netflix, T-Mobile, Amazon, Costco, Louis Vuitton, and Ray-Ban

Top Scams and Phishing Schemes of the Week: Netflix, T-Mobile, Amazon, Costco, 
Louis Vuitton, and Ray-Ban




Every day, there are emerging scams and schemes that may attack us. You have to be one step ahead of these scammy neighbors. This week, Trend Micro Check found a whole lot of scams you need to watch out.





Scammers pretend they are Netflix by claiming there are issues with your account. They will try to convince you to click the link to fix it immediately.


  • alert : the latest netflix renewal payment has been declined and account is on hold {URL}
  • netflix alerts – your account is temporarily locked. follow the instructions below to verify your payment method to avoid being disconnected; {URL}

The link will take you directly to a fake Netflix log-in page where you need to enter your log-in credentials. Don’t fall for it!


Spot the Scam_Netflix_Text_20220520

Fake Netflix Log-in Page



Spot the Scam_Netflix_Email_20220520

Netflix Email Scam





  • alert: we detected unusual activity with your t-mobile online account. we have put an temporary restriction on your online access to uplift the restriction please visit {URL}

The link will take you to a fake T-Mobile website that asks for your account email address and password.


Spot the Scam_TMobile_Text_20220520

Text Message Scam


Spot the Scam_T-Mobile_Email_20220520

T-Mobile Survey Scam Email





  • C 0 S T C 0-GlVEAWAY: Y0U attained a $500 in-store GlFTCRD to your preferred WholeSale Store. C0NGRATS: <URL> msgSTOP2UNSUB
  • Costco_Rwrds:  We need your opinion.  Partake in a short questionnaire by 12th of May to receive a monetary reward.  <URL>
  • Costco wanted you to participate in our April|April.|April,} 2022 poll Anyone who finishes it by April 15th will receive a free $100.00 Reward <URL>


Spot the Scam_Costco_20220520_1

Fake Costco Online Survey Page



Spot the Scam_Costco_20220520_2

Fake Costco Online Survey Page



Don't get scammed! Click here for all the top scams and phishing schemes of the week. 



Protect Yourself!


  • The use of the word “FREE” in promotional material is always a major red flag.
  • Use only legitimate wallet apps and browser extensions to avoid phishing scams.
  • Always double-check that everything is in order before you make a transaction. 
  • NEVER click links or attachments from unknown sources. Use Trend Micro Check to browse the web safely and install Trend Micro Maximum Security for an extra layer of protection.

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