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Top 4 Most Common Crypto Scams & How to Stay Safe

Top 4 Most Common Crypto Scams & How to Stay Safe



Cryptocurrency will definitely be part of our financial future sooner or later. Big players like Bitcoin and Ether (Ethereum) grew by 59.8% and 399.2%, respectively, last 2021. Before we get too excited about investing, let's educate ourselves on the common tactics that scammers apply to their victims. 


Here are the Top 4 Most Common Crypto Scams to watch out for!


#1 — Rug pull scams


A rug pull is a type of crypto scam in which developers promote their project’s token to investors before disappearing with the money. This leaves investors with crypto assets with no value. Read more.



#2 — Fake crypto websites


Scammers are so smart too! They can create perfect duplicates of legitimate crypto websites. Check out the example below.

Crypto Scams_MetaMask_20220324Crypto Scam_MetaMask_Fake_20220324



#3 — Crypto phishing scams (ex: Binance, Trust Wallet)


Crypto phishing scams are one of the scammers’ favorite weapons. We’re always detecting new and clever crypto phishing scams that the scammers are using to separate victims from their cryptocurrency.


Scam Alert_Binance_20220211_1



#4 — Social media scammers and their “crypto giveaways”


Whether they’re impersonating legitimate crypto companies or well-known celebrities, social media crypto scammers are always praying on potential victims.






Get the list of Known Fake Crypto Websites and learn how to protect yourself, click here.



Trend Micro Check is a completely free all-in-one browser extension for detecting scams, phishing attacks, malware, and dangerous links. Available for Safari, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.



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