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Sunday, August 12th, 2018 11:34 AM


TM Always Uses 50% Or More Of My Disk

Okay, so far I haven't really had any issues with Trend Micro (TM) except this one. I have noticed that TM uses 50% or more of my disk on a regular basis and it's really effecting my performance. I have a gaming laptop that doubles as work/school laptop. I suffer from this issue because it consistently slows down my computer. Often times I have to try several times to open even just my task manager. 

Now I thought the scheduled scans might be the issue but after disabling them I still have issues. I've noticed that the scheduled scans are pretty rough on my disk as well. They take up to several hours to complete and which is just plain inconvenient. I tend to need my laptop when I turn it on, not several hours after I've turned it on.

If TM decided to optimize their service I wouldn't complain. If you need to know my specs just let me know!
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6 years ago

Hello amermangeoffreyt,

Sorry to hear about this. Can you tell us more about this issue? Please answer the following questions below:
1. Aside from the Disk Usage, what is the CPU usage of coreserviceshell.exe?
2. When does the issue usually occur?
  • Soon after booting the computer?
  • After opening a specfic application?
  • Opening a browser?
  • During system idle?
  • Others
We'll wait for your updates. 


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