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Tips to Spot and Avoid Email Scams

Tips to Spot and Avoid Email Scams



Email is one effective way to communicate with anyone, anywhere.  However, this gives cybercriminals the opportunity to use email to steal sensitive information, like bank accounts, passwords, and credit card numbers. Hence, the birth of email scams!



Email scams are malicious emails; they come in many forms. The most common are phishing, spamming, and malware.



Spot the Scam_USPS Phishing Email_20221229

Sample USPS Email Scam 



To prevent this from happening to you this 2023, why not start learning more about "How to spot an email scam"?



Here are some ways to recognize a malicious email:

  • It came from an infrequent sender.
  • It has an urgent call to action or an alarming tone.
  • It has unexpected attachments and suspicious links.
  • There are multiple spelling errors and bad grammar in the message.
  • The email address or domain name is misspelled or altered.
  • Email greeting is not personalized or uses a generic format like "Dear madam or sir".

Secure your online presence and learn more about the most common types of scam emails on our Help Center page.



Avoid Email Scams with Trend Micro

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Strong passwords can help protect your emails

  • Create strong, tough-to-hack passwords with our online Password Generator (also 100% FREE!)


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