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Stop the Hackers in their Tracks: Strengthen Your Online Presence with ID Security

 Stop the Hackers in their Tracks: Strengthen Your Online Presence with ID 


How Do Data Leaks Happen?


We are all guilty of recycling passwords for once in our life or maybe we are still doing it. I don't blame you. It's convenient to log in across different websites and there's no need to memorize multiple passwords, right? However, this poor practice is one of the most common reasons our personal information can be easily leaked online. Cybercriminals use social engineering, fake websites, or phishing text/email to gather info from prospective victims.





In most cases, when your password is compromised, it can lead to hacked accounts when you tend to use the same password across all your logins.


We got your six! We got the best identity theft protection and monitoring service. You can protect your online security and privacy with Trend Micro ID Security.


Secure your online presence, here's what to do next if your personal information is leaked online.



How Can the Scammers Get My Info?


If you’re wondering how the scammers were even able to get your email address in the first place, you’re not alone. They will most often get it from underground internet forums or the dark web — two places that are hotbeds for stolen/leaked data.


If you want a way to check if your personal data — email addresses, bank account numbers, Social Security numbers, passport numbers, and more — have been leaked online, consider checking out Trend Micro ID Security. This app scans your personal data in the Internet and the dark web 24/7. If it ever gets leaked, you'll know about it. Click here or scan the QR code below to learn more and claim your 30-day free trial today.



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