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Securing your Social Media Accounts

Securing your Social Media Accounts


Here are some tips to protect your Social Media accounts against unauthorized access:



1. Enable 2FA (two-factor authentication) 

Enabling two-factor authentication may require more effort in logging in to your accounts but this gives an extra layer of security. This means even if a cybercriminal has your credentials, they will still need a piece of code that's only available on your device.


Here is the most common location where it can be enabled: Settings > Privacy > Security and Account > Two-Factor Authentication.


Pro tip! Enable "new log-in notifications" so you are notified when a new device is used to log-in to your account.



2. Create Strong Passwords

Did you know that a password consists of 8 pure numbers only can instantly be cracked?

Nowadays, accounts already require at least 8 character password and a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols. It is a good practice to avoid easy-to-guess passwords and it is also important to change them every 3 months. 



3. Strengthen Your Account Security with Trend Micro

Use Trend Micro Password Manager! It can help you secure and manage your passwords online!




Do you have security tips to share to the community? Comment down below.



Read the full article here and check all the security tips from our Trend Micro Research team!

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