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Friday, September 29th, 2023 1:22 AM

Scare Scam

I recently had a scam run on me.  I received an email from a person that was worded in such a way that when you pressed the key indicated, a window came up indicating that I had purchased a product (antivirus).  I immediately called a number on the receipt on the invoice and said I did not want this product.  The person answering the phone was not the person on the email.  It turns out the email address was a fake.  The person on the phone said they were with PayPal and would help me solve this problem.  He stated I had purchased this account with my PayPal account.  He suggested that I go to Strips Gas Station in College Station and purchase a card and then he could help me.  This sounded strange so I hung up.

Here is the real suspicious fact: he knew my last four digits on my social security number, but didn't state an account number.

It turns out that the person on the phone was not a real PayPal employee.

I called the PayPal office and stated the facts about what happened.  This is how I found out the person I spoke to on the phone before was not their employee.  He also stated that I should close my bank account debit card to prevent this person from withdrawing money from my bank account.

Now I have to wait to get a new debit card with another account number.

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5 months ago

@jonwtx2012 Thank you for sharing your experience in our community. Make sure to share this with your family and friends to raise awareness about scams and help others avoid falling victim to similar schemes.

Here's what we've learned from your experience:

  • Be skeptical of unsolicited emails.
  • Verify contact details independently.
  • Don't share sensitive info over the phone.
  • Trust your instincts; if it's suspicious, hang up.
  • Report scams to authorities and educate others.

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