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Sunday, May 15th, 2016 1:57 PM


Renewing online

I renewed online and am still getting messages that I am expired, so I renewed it again. Now I am good for two years but why am I still getting message? and was I suppose to run something to get it to cover my pc?

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8 years ago

Thanks for contacting us in the new support community! I checked your license in our system, and your license is entitled for Trend Micro Internet Security with expiration in May 2017. If you renewed and received a new license serial number (SN), you do have to perform a few steps to apply the new license.

It's likely that you're seeing the expiration message because the new SN hasn't been applied. Here're the steps to change your license to use the new SN:
Changing the serial number of Trend Micro Security software

After you do this, you should no longer see the expiration message. Please let me know if your question was answered. Thank you for renewing!

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