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Friday, June 11th, 2021 5:41 AM


Protect yourself from Qshing

Protect yourself from Qshing

This week the Trend Micro Check Team will share knowledge on how to protect yourself from Qshing. Let's start with a quick QR Code 101.


 What is QR Code?


QR code or Quick Response Code is a type of matrix barcode or two-dimensional barcode that stores information and can be read by smart digital devices. 


How does it work?


QR Codes work like the traditional barcodes that we see in every product in the supermarket. It consists of black squares in different sizes which store the information. When your smart device scan the QR Code it translates the digital information to a language that can be easily understood by humans.


Since the pandemic, QR codes have grown in popularity. The more we use QR codes in our daily lives, cybercriminals' interest in Qshing or QR code abuse is also growing.


Read the full article here to Protect yourself from Qshing.

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