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Tuesday, September 24th, 2019 1:29 AM


New Feature: Enabling Fraud Buster for Gmail and Outlook Webmail with Trend Micro Security 2020

More and more scam emails these days may contain no obvious malicious URLs orattachments but can nonetheless be a threat, using social engineering to snare theunsuspecting user. However, such emails can’t be detected by traditional email security technology.
Fraud Buster is designed to deal with this type of scam email, using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to identify the topic and to understand the intention of the scam. As part of Trend Micro Toolbar, Fraud Buster protects Gmail and Outlook webmail in Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. The example below uses Gmail in Chrome to show the setup.

To enable Fraud Buster:

  1. Fraud Buster requires first that you log into your Gmail or Outlook webmail account. For example, log in to your Gmail account in Chrome.
  2. On the Google home page, click Gmail to open your Gmail webmail. A popup appears for you to turn on Fraud Buster
  3. Click Turn On Fraud Buster. Another popup appears, describing how Fraud Buster protects you by sending your web email content to Trend Micro to scan.
  4. If you agree to allow Trend Micro to scan your Gmail (or Outlook.com webmail), click Agree and Turn On.
  5. Fraud Buster is now enabled and you can now see it active in the Trend Micro Toolbar.
  6. Your Gmail (or Outlook.com) webmail will now be scanned for potential scams and you’ll be alerted with a warning popup when you open a scam email, telling you to not follow any instructions contained in the email.
  7. Click View Details in the popup warning to get more details about the scam.
  8. Follow Trend Micro’s instructions to better protect yourself from scams; or contact Trend Micro to get more support. When done, you should close the Details window as well as the scam email, then delete the scam email from your inbox.

  9. For the complete step-by-step guide and frequently asked questions, visit the Help Center.
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