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Thursday, January 4th, 2024 6:09 AM

Navigating Server Setbacks

Hi everyone,

Having heard about the reliability and performance of Lenovo servers, I'm optimistic that this community can provide some valuable insights.

My primary concern revolves around intermittent connectivity issues. Despite my best efforts in troubleshooting and checking all the cables, my server seems to be experiencing occasional drops in connection with devices on my network. Has anyone encountered a similar issue with Lenovo servers, and if so, what steps did you take to resolve it?

Thanks in advance for your advice!

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3 months ago

Hi @charliekthrn , 

In terms of internet speed, How's it going with your connection? Also, we would like to confirm if you have tried updating your server's firmware and drivers? If not, you might want to give these steps a shot:

1. Locate your Lenovo server model.
2. Access Lenovo Support and find your server model by selecting Data Center. 
3. In "Firmware Updates" or "Drivers & Software," download the latest firmware and drivers for your server and operating system.
4. Check release notes for important information regarding updates
5. Perform Updates: Follow provided instructions to apply both firmware and driver updates.
6. Backup Configuration (if needed): Consider backing up server configuration before updating.
7. Reboot the server after completing both firmware and driver updates.
8. Confirm updated firmware and driver versions post-update.
9. Open Device Manager to ensure there are no driver issues.

Check if issue has improved. 

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Hope this helps! 

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