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Friday, December 23rd, 2022 7:16 AM


Making your mobile number private on the Internet

Making your mobile number private on the Internet



Another layer of protection is having a second phone number that you can use for personal and other transactions. You might think that it's a huge inconvenience, however, a small adjustment to our lifestyle will have a huge impact on our security. Here are the benefits of having a second phone number.


#1 — Protection from data leaks/breaches

News about someone getting scammed becomes regular content aired on TV. Hundreds to millions of victims' information are leaked and sold on the black market.


In our case, when we do business especially online we are required to give our personal info including our phone number and sometimes banking information. Leaked data are used by scammers for phishing. The most common is text and email phishing. Having a second phone number that we only use for online transactions will keep our main phone number safe from data leaks/breaches.


#2 — You can keep your personal number private

Privacy is peace of mind, that is why we need to protect it at all costs. We need to be careful in providing our personal details and phone numbers online. 


We can use our second phone number to sign up on dating websites or if we need to list an item on shopping sites like Craigslist. The second phone number is perfect for these situations. No need to give your personal number. 


#3 — Separate your work and personal lives

Work-life balance is the new definition of vacation! Right? That's why it is important to separate your work and personal lives, especially with a work-from-home setup


With a second phone number, it's easier to set a boundary between work life and personal hustle. We can focus on our tasks at work and have that most awaited rest with peace of mind outside of office hours.




How to Get a Second Phone Number for FREE

With our 100% FREE app, Trend Micro Check, you can get a second phone number completely free of charge! It’s a brand-new feature that we’re just rolling out, so it doesn’t presently support everything that it will in the future (you can’t currently make or take phone calls, for example), but you can use it to sign up for services/give it to companies, so you can keep your personal number private and spam-free!

Trend Micro Check has lots of other great features and is available for both Android and iOS, too. So, what are you waiting for? Click the button below to get your free second phone number today!


Get Trend Micro Check! It's FREE!






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- TM_Kath

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