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Friday, May 13th, 2022 2:38 AM


Link Start: Into the Metaverse (Part 1)

Link Start: Into the Metaverse (Part 1)




Has it ever crossed your mind to go into a different reality, forge a new experience, and have a second life elsewhere? Have you watched Ready Player One, seen Sword Art Online and saw how it traversed to a new world from the real one? You don’t have to wait any longer, as fantasy is now becoming a reality as visionaries aim for the Metaverse.





What is a metaverse? If you checked its meaning in a dictionary, it came from a combination between “meta” (more comprehensive/ transcending) and “universe”. It is a world, mainly in 3D, usually supported by technologies such as augmented and virtual reality. The metaverse is said to be groomed as the future of the technologies we would encounter in Web 3.0 (an iteration of the world wide web).



Photo by Jessica Lewis Creative from Pexels






It has been a staple for science fiction to reimagine a virtual world where people can enter and step into a different world. Think of TRON and the Grid, or Sword Art Online with Aincrad and its different VR games. Their universe, set as a world where people can interact virtually, are considered a metaverse.


This so-called fantasy is starting to have its real-life counterparts. Tech crunch companies, such as Meta, are investing in ways that the Metaverse can exist.

miHoYo, a gaming company, has just announced a plan to create a virtual world in 2030. With their games featuring vast lore and well-established characters, the foundation of its metaverse seems to be set.


The metaverse could also connect through other technologies such as cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens, and online gaming. The future seems sooner than expected.





A world where you can enter through a device, like a VR Headset, and interact with other people in different parts of the world in the comfort of your own home; that world is considered a metaverse.


With COVID-19 shrinking our boundaries through technological innovation, breakthroughs such as the metaverse seem inevitable, but is our current technological progress enough to make it sustainable?


Here’s hoping...


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 Cover Photo: Photo by MART PRODUCTION from Pexels
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