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Thursday, July 4th, 2019 8:47 AM


Keep getting update notice about every 10 minutes and it's not due yet it driving me nuts

Keep getting non stop update message for update I did update it but that doesn't stop the constant message coming up. It even states the update they have as 8 th July that's 4 days away I have been getting the messages for a couple of days now. Normally I dont have a problem with Trend but this is changing my mind about cointinuing with Trend 
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5 years ago

Hi brotea13,

Apologies for this experience let me help you with this. Are you getting this notice as a pop up on your computer or through email?
Try doing a manual update to check if you have the latest version installed here's how you can do it, Updating your Trend Micro Security software

Please check the program version as well, it should be 15.0 for the latest version. 

- Reine

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