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Monday, January 30th, 2023 11:09 AM



Is trend micro compatible with chromebooks? confused between trendmicro security & antivirus?

Hello folks,

I'm a photographer and video editor, and I've been using a variety of tools and software for a couple of years. Those are making my system slow. However, I have an Avast antivirus, but I'm not happy with it as I get lots of notifications and pop-ups, for the most part, at work.

I've heard about Trend Micro. Can it handle pop-ups and notifications on my computer while I'm working?

I'm also wondering about switching to a two-in-one Chromebook, but I'm not sure which would be fine.

Any suggestions on how well it works on Chromebooks?


What's the difference between Trend Micro Security & Antivirus? 


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1 year ago

Hi @harrisonethan645,

Welcome to Trend Micro Home Users Community. 

Trend Micro is compatible with Chromebooks. It works as an extension on your browser. It is a protection against web threats like malicious websites, phishing attempts, and online email fraud. Reveals social media privacy risks. To get an overview of this Trend Micro Security please refer to this link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/trend-micro-security/ibojepnlfiefkikckgmljdaogmgopbnn 

The difference between Trend Micro Security and Antivirus is that Trend Micro Security works as an extension in a browser while Antivirus is a standalone application where you can run a scan, configure, and provides pop-up notifications, etc. 

Hope this helps you! Thanks! 

- tmrica

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