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Wednesday, January 10th, 2024 5:24 AM


HPC Computing Issues

Hello There,

I recently integrated Trend Micro into our HPC environment to enhance security measures, and while it has generally been effective, I've encountered a few unexpected hurdles. It seems that the antivirus software is affecting the performance of certain HPC processes.

Specifically, I've noticed:

  1. Resource Utilization: There's a noticeable increase in resource utilization when Trend Micro is active. This is impacting the overall efficiency of our HPC cluster.

  2. False Positives: The antivirus tool occasionally flags certain HPC processes as false positives, leading to unnecessary interruptions and delays in our computational workflows.

I've checked the documentation provided by Trend Micro, but I'm curious to hear from the community. Has anyone experienced a similar intersection of Trend Micro and HPC computing? If so, were you able to resolve the issues, and do you have any recommendations or best practices to share?

Thank you in advance for your expertise and support!

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3 months ago

Hi @charliekthrn,

To better help you address the integration issues between Trend Micro and your HPC environment, kindly inform us of the specific Trend Micro product causing these conflicts.

Moreover, if you have concerns about false positives, could you please provide details on the processes involved and the specific detections made by the Trend Micro product in question? This information will aid in offering a more accurate resolution.

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