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Monday, May 16th, 2016 2:17 AM


How to stop the notification of data theft protection

I have data theft protection turned on - I have only selected my telephone number and 2 credit cards. I get pop-ups from Trend Micro every 10mins - it interrupts my typing and is annoying - how can I stop the notification and just let it do its job in the background?



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8 years ago

Sorry that you're having problems with our product. Is it possible for you to send screenshots of the pop-ups you're seeing? Once we have more information, we'll be able to provide better solutions to you.

Pop-ups could also be due to Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA). Please take a look at the doc below to check if you have any software installed that look suspicious. You might have to Google the names of some of these software to get more detail:
Uninstalling Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA)

Some common PUAs are: Ask Toolbar, MySearch, Open Candy, Pokki Toolbar, Searchqu, Wajam, and many others.

Please provide the requested info and we'll assist you further. Thanks.

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6 years ago

yes, PLEASE make this "feature" go away!



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Reply is irrelevant to original post

Please reference the new conversation here: Transfer of Protected Data Blocked

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