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Thursday, January 25th, 2024 12:40 PM

Enhancing Security on Intel Core i7 Laptops with Trend Micro: Recommendations Needed!

Hello Trend Micro Community,

I'm currently using an Intel Core i7 laptop and have been exploring ways to bolster its security, particularly with Trend Micro antivirus software. I wanted to reach out to this knowledgeable community to gather insights and recommendations on optimizing security settings for my Intel Core i7 laptop.

Question: What security measures do you recommend for Intel Core i7 laptops, and are there any specific settings or configurations that work well with Trend Micro to enhance protection?

I'm particularly interested in maximizing both security and performance without compromising one for the other. Any tips, best practices, or personal experiences you can share would be greatly appreciated!

Looking forward to hearing from the community and learning more about how to best secure my Intel Core i7 laptop with Trend Micro.

Thank you!

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3 months ago

Hi @emilyawalker123,

Kindly check our Cybersecurity Learning Center to know more about Cybersecurity measures. Discover topics covering safe internet use, online privacy, digital identity, and device care.

Hope this helps!

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