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Friday, May 20th, 2022 3:39 AM


Crypto Scams of the Week: Blockchain[.]com, Trust Wallet

Crypto Scams of the Week: Blockchain[.]com, Trust Wallet


More and more people are jumping into investing in cryptocurrency using their most trusted crypto wallet platforms like While we are busy watching the Cryptocurrency Prices, our shady neighbors a.k.a. scammers are also busy investing and building their crypto money. Yes, these shady scammers invest too! Keep that in mind!


Here are some of the Crypto Scams of the Week found by our Trend Micro Check Team!





Spot the Scam_Blockchain_Email_20220513

Phishing Email



Then from the email, we will be required to follow the link that will direct us to a fake log-in page of their crypto wallet that was designed to resemble Blockchain’s.


Spot the Scam_Blockchain_Fake Page_20220513

Fake: login[.]blokckchain[.]com/recover/index.php



Crypto Scams_Blockchain_Real_20220516

Real: login[.]blockchain[.]com​\


Falling for this scheme will compromise our personal information, lose our money, and stole our identity.  Let's not give them that chance!


Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is another popular crypto wallet platform that scammers use to trick us. SMS text messages will be sent and claim that there is some account-related issue that we immediately need to fix. The SMS text includes links that will lead to fake phishing pages where we need to enter our personal information.


Crypto Scams_Trust Wallet_Fake_20220516Fake Log-in Page 


Lookout for SMS text messages that read like the following:

  • “-trustwallet- our system has shown that your wallet has not yet been verified. this verification can be done easily via : hxxps://verified-trustwallet[.]com/”.
  • trust wallet: the btc you just sent from your account is being delayed for security reasons. not you? visit {URL} to secure your account.



Scammers also send phishing emails to potential victims. Read more and learn how to handle it.




Protect Yourself!

  • The use of the word “FREE” in promotional material is always a major red flag.
  • Use only legitimate wallet apps and browser extensions to avoid phishing scams.
  • Always double-check that everything is in order before you make a transaction. 
  • NEVER click links or attachments from unknown sources. Use Trend Micro Check to browse the web safely and install Trend Micro Maximum Security for an extra layer of protection.



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2 years ago

Though none of these are pertinent to my personal financial transactions, I appreciate you making this information available to others to whom it is.

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