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Friday, February 11th, 2022 2:00 AM


Celebrate Safer Internet Day with a New Cyber Academy Lesson

Celebrate Safer Internet Day with a New Cyber Academy Lesson



Internet Safety for Kids is more needed now than ever before! When the pandemic situation required our kids to do more activities online versus the traditional ways of doing things. They are exposed to all the threats of the Cyberworld. Cybercriminals won't exercise restraint, they will attack if they get the chance. That is why everyone should do their part to make sure our kids are protected.


Here in Trend Micro, we launched the kids Cyber Academy last October 2021, giving teachers and families direct access to engaging and meaningful modules about Internet Safety.



Start your journey now! Take the Camera Safety Challenge!

  • Understand what information is gathered when you take a picture with your phone, learn what happens when it is shared, and practice five skills to use a camera safely while having fun. 

 For more fun and interesting cybersecurity episodes, visit Trend Micro Cyber Academy!


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