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Monday, October 9th, 2023 5:48 AM


Blade Server Troubleshooting Woes: Seeking Help and Solutions

Hey everyone,

I hope you're all doing well. I'm reaching out to the community today because I've run into a bit of a problem with my blade server setup, and I could really use some guidance.

Issue Description:

I recently acquired a blade server for my small business to handle our growing IT needs. At first, everything seemed to be working smoothly, but recently, I've been experiencing some strange issues that I can't quite pinpoint. I was hoping some of you experienced server gurus could lend a hand in troubleshooting this problem.


  1. Intermittent Downtime: The blade server experiences intermittent periods of downtime, which disrupt our operations. Sometimes it's a few minutes, and other times it lasts for an hour or more. This inconsistency is driving me crazy!

  2. Network Connectivity: The server also seems to be losing network connectivity during these downtime episodes. It's affecting our ability to access critical applications and data.

  3. Overheating Concerns: I've noticed that the server fans seem to be working harder than usual, and the system temperatures appear to be higher. I'm worried that this might be contributing to the downtime.

Server Details:

  • Blade Server Model: [Insert Model]
  • Operating System: [Insert OS]
  • Number of Blades: [Insert Number]
  • Network Setup: [Insert Details]

I've already tried a few basic troubleshooting steps, such as rebooting the server and checking the network cables, but the problem persists. If anyone has experienced similar issues with blade servers or has expertise in this area, please share your insights. I'm open to any suggestions or solutions you may have!

Thanks in advance for your help!

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6 months ago

Hi @moorejulie199,

Welcome to the Trend Micro Users Community!

In regards to this you might want to check and prioritize the cooling system since it can contribute to the overheating.

Also if it's more of a hardware issue you can check the power supply to the server.

Hope this helps!

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