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Wednesday, August 9th, 2023 2:07 PM

Bidding Farewell to Android 4.4 KitKat: Google Ends Support After Nearly a Decade




Google Ends Support for Android 4.4 KitKat: What it Means for Users


Google recently announced its decision to discontinue support for Android 4.4 KitKat in new releases of Google Play Services starting from August 2023. Launched back in October 2013, KitKat will lose its support just before its 10th anniversary. 



Why KitKat Support is Ending


Google's Play Services play a vital role in updating Android apps, even without OS updates. However, supporting KitKat requires extra effort with little benefit, as very few devices use it now. Following a similar move with Jelly Bean in 2021, Google is focusing on modern Android versions for better features and security. While KitKat had its time with cool features, newer Android platforms offer more advanced capabilities and improved security in today's fast-changing tech world.


What Should KitKat Users Do?


KitKat-based users should consider upgrading to a newer Android phone or exploring custom ROM options to ensure uninterrupted access to the latest Google apps and services. Given that Google Play Services will no longer support KitKat, there's a possibility that other apps may also make this transition over time, necessitating users to switch to a higher version or install the latest compatible version for their devices.





Google is ditching KitKat and prioritizing modern versions for a better user experience. What Android version should we jump to? 💻📲 #AndroidUpdates #EmbraceProgress


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