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Sunday, May 22nd, 2022 4:06 AM



Annoying Pop Ups from Trend Micro

Tm_Angelo of Trend Micro suggests that everyone click on "Temporarily disable this protection" and press F5 to block the, "Transfer of Protected Data Blocked Popups for (only) 30 minutes."  This is only a temporary fix, we want a permanent fix so that we can completely block these Trend Micro popups that are extremely annoying which has already been mentioned by a plethora of other Trend Micro subscribers.

We don't want a temporary block, we want the ability to permanently block them so that we will not be distracted by this annoyance!  We trust that Trend Micro is protecting us, you don't need to tell us constantly.

Let us use our computers and get our work done please.

Thank you

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2 years ago

Hi @spaldinger,

Welcome to Trend Micro Home Users Community!

Data Theft Protection blocks information being sent on the web browser so it will only show notifications on these instances. To avoid the temporary blocking, you may use these suggested formats:

  • Credit Card - Enter the last 8 digits of the credit card number
  • Name - Enter your complete name
  • Email Address - Enter your complete email address
  • Telephone number - Enter your complete telephone number

I hope this helps.

- TM_Kath

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