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Friday, January 21st, 2022 2:04 AM


8 Phishing Scams of the Week: PS5, Browsing History, AT&T, Sports Jersey, Home Depot

8 Phishing Scams of the Week: PS5, Browsing History, AT&T, Sports Jersey, Home 



1. PS5 Delivery Scam


The scammers falsely claim that your PS5 is going to be shipped and ask you to click on the attached link to view the status of the delivery:

  • Thank you CID#95076 Your P S .5 is ready to ship upon confirmation – <URL>
Spot the Scam_PS5_0114


Don’t fall for it! Browse the web safely with Trend Micro Check  (it’s free!)


Trend Micro Check_Safari





2. Browsing History Scam


  • our browsing history showed visits to unsecured websites. You now have (3) virus on your device. Clean your phone <URL>
Spot the Scam_browsing_0111

Stay alert and don’t click on it!





3. AT&T Survey Scam

  • ATT Free Msg: December bill is paid. Thanks,  Here’s a little gift for you:  <URL> Happy New Year

The attached link will take you to a fake AT&T online survey page that promises you a free “Smart Health Watch”:


Spot the Scam_ATT_1231_1




4. M247 Europe New Year Scam

  • Ronnie, the New Year is the perfect time to freshen up your home. And what better way than with a brand new DYSON Vacuum Cleaner? You’re one step closer when you complete this super quick survey and submit it back to us <URL>
Spot the Scam_M247_0111_1


Do not give them your Credit Card details!



Spot the Scam_M247_0111_2





5. Sports Jersey New Year Sale Scam

  • [j\e\rs\ey weekend promotion] enjoy 70% off today. extra $3 off for over $60. view all <URL> text stop to opt out

These messages always contain links to fake online shops:


Spot the Scam_Jersey_0111





6. Kay Jewelers New Year Sale Scam

  • [weekend deals] all 90% off-k’a’y jewelry’s! extra $10/$15 off for $89/$150! click here <URL> text stop to opt out
Spot the Scam_Kay_0111





7. Home Depot Scam


Posing as Home Depot, scammers tell you that you’ve been selected to receive an exclusive offer via the embedded button in the email.


Spot the Scam_Home Depot_0111


You already know what will happen! Don’t click on anything from unknown sources!





8. Maersk Line Shipping Scam


The Scammers will instruct you to click on the links in the email to check on the status of your package. These links are phishing links that will lead you to a fake website. Do not click the links!







It is very important to learn how to protect yourself and your family. Read the full article here for the complete guide on how to handle these scams.


Here are some helpful reads and our free tool that you can try as well. 


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