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Friday, January 28th, 2022 1:00 AM


12 Tips to Keep Your Data Private

12 Tips to Keep Your Data Private



It's Data Privacy Day! Help us secure everyone by raising awareness and promoting best practices for data privacy and protection in the digital age. Turn these Best practices into good habits. 



Here are 12 Tips to keep your data private!



1. Protect your IDs and passwords. Create and manage account IDs and strong passwords with a secure Password Manager.

2. Don’t overshare on social media. Restrict the sharing of your personal data to only those who need to see it. 

3. Watch out for data-stealing events or processes. These are phishing scams that ask to you enter your identity data, to click on malicious links, or to download malicious files.

4. Take note of app data privacy issues! Pay attention to the permissions for privacy policies and unwarranted data collection when you install an app. 

5. Maximize the privacy settings in your accounts. Always enable multi-factor authentication whenever possible.

6. Protect your device privacy with anti-theft hardware and software. If your device is lost or stolen, you need to be able to lock or wipe it.

7. Close accounts you no longer use. Unused accounts contain private data that can soon become unsafe when you’re no longer monitoring them.

8. Keep your software and applications up to date. Updates contain security and vulnerability fixes that can keep you safe.

9. Turn off network services when not in use. WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS are typically enabled all the time on most people’s mobile devices. This invites cybercriminals to connect to your device in public places. Disable the services when you’re not using them.

10. Use a VPN on public WiFi. Public WiFi is unsafe. Always use a personal VPN when you’re on public WiFi.

11. Do secure data backups and deletions. Back up your data on a timely basis and when deleting sensitive files, use a data deletion program to securely overwrite the file sectors on your disk, so they can’t be recovered.

12. Install reliable security apps on all your devices. Install and experience the security that Trend Micro Mobile Security can give you!



Enjoying Data Privacy 101, this is just a sneak peek! Read the full article here, know more about Trend Micro Mobile Security features and Be a Data Privacy champion!



Share your #DataPrivacy stories in the comment section.





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