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Friday, March 11th, 2022 9:27 AM


[Scam Alert] Solana NFT Scam, Giftmart Instagram, and

[Scam Alert] Solana NFT Scam, Giftmart Instagram, and




This pandemic opens the door wider for more online activities like online shopping, virtual training, and even investing in cryptocurrency. The digital world is a great place to be as long as you know how to protect yourself from scammers and fake websites. Here are the top scams this week:


it’s a SCAM! is the top scam shopping website from the United States this week. We’ve detected it 3,694 times!


Scam Alert_Doyrsk_20220309

More of “” scam websites, click here!



Giftmart Instagram (Instagift)


It will compromise your Instagram friend’s account, then the scammers will send you malicious Instagram messages posing as your friend. The messages will always mention something about a “gift”,  a “giveaway”, or free stuff just to lure you to click the link. Do not CLICK it!


Scam Alert_giftmart_20220308

More of “Giftmart Instagram (Instagift)” scam websites, click here!




Solana NFT Scam


Scammers claim that they are giving away free NFTs. 


However, instead of giving you a free NFT, the website will start a transfer of all the Solana cryptocurrency stored in your Phantom wallet. If you click on APPROVE, all your cryptocurrency will be gone in an instant.


Scam Alert_Solana_Rare_Connect_20220307

More of “Official Solana NFT Launch” scam websites, click here!


Protect Yourself!

  • The use of the word “FREE” in promotional material is always a major red flag.
  • Use only legitimate wallet apps and browser extensions to avoid phishing scams.
  • Always double-check that everything is in order before you make a transaction. 
  • NEVER click links or attachments from unknown sources. Use Trend Micro Check to browse the web safely and install Trend Micro Maximum Security for an extra layer of protection.
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