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Wednesday, November 15th, 2023 6:53 AM


Urgent Help Needed: Data Protection Issue on Edge Server

Hello Trend Micro Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to seek assistance regarding a critical data protection issue on my Edge server, and I would greatly appreciate any insights or guidance from the knowledgeable members of this community.

I have encountered a data protection concern on my Edge server, and despite my efforts, I have been unable to resolve it. The server seems to be experiencing vulnerabilities, and I am worried about the potential risk to sensitive data.


Server: Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition
Trend Micro Product: Trend Micro Apex One 2022 (Version X.X)
Issue: The server is showing signs of unauthorized access, and there is a suspicious increase in network traffic. Event logs indicate potential security breaches, and I am concerned about data integrity.
Steps Taken: I have conducted a full system scan using Trend Micro Apex One, updated all security definitions, and reviewed firewall settings. However, the issue persists.

The server is crucial for hosting our e-commerce website, handling customer transactions, and storing sensitive customer information.
Logs indicate several failed login attempts from unknown IP addresses.
Network traffic analysis suggests a potential data exfiltration attempt.
No recent changes have been made to the server configuration or installed software.

I am reaching out to the community for assistance in identifying the root cause of this issue and implementing a secure solution. If anyone has encountered a similar problem or has expertise in data protection on Edge servers, your input would be invaluable.


Has anyone faced a similar data protection issue on their Edge server?
What steps can I take to enhance the security of my server and prevent potential data breaches?
Are there specific configurations within the Trend Micro product that I should review or modify?
I appreciate your time and assistance in helping me address this matter promptly. The security of our data is of utmost importance, and I look forward to hearing from the experienced members of this community.

Thank you in advance!

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5 months ago

Hi @stellagomez0102,

For the problem you're experiencing with Trend Micro business products, we recommend reaching out to our business support website for more specialized assistance. They are the most knowledgeable and equipped to help you with this issue in depth and provide a solution that suits your specific needs.

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